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List of accepted papers

Human-computer interaction

Human Computer Interaction using eye-tracking data, Sukwon Lee
Investigating The Three-Click Rule: A Pilot Study, Thomas Porter and Robert Miller

Impact and use of IS in organizations

IT and Organizational Agility: A Review of Major Findings, Jennifer Heckler and Anne Powell
The Impact of Mobile Technology on Small Service Businesses, Jakob Iversen and Michael Eierman
A Comparative Study of Ensemble-based Forecasting Models for Stock Index Prediction, Dhanya Jothimani, Ravi Shankar and Surendra S. Yadav.
Environmental Management Information Systems: A Conceptual Overview and Review of Vendors, Jeffrey Merhout, Shu Schiller and Mary Callison

Information Security

Effects of a Comprehensive Computer Security Policy on Computer Security Culture, Dennis Acuna
Moral Beliefs and Organizational Information Security Policy Compliance: The Role of Gender, Gaurav Bansal, Kayla Hodorff and Kyle Marshall
Social Engineering Awareness in Business and Academia, Deanna Hauser
Beyond the Prisoner's Dilemma: Using the Game Theory Security Model to Develop Robust Information Security Policies, Alan Rea
Motivating Employees to Comply with Information Security Policies, David Sikolia and David Biros
Secure Software Development: A Developer Level Analysis , Nasim Talebi and Emmanuel Ayaburi
The Influence of Outcome-Oriented Security Policy on Security Perceptions and Intentions, Jeffrey Wall and Mari Buche

IS education and training

Socio Cognitive and Affective Processing in the Context of Team-Based Gamified ERP Training: The Reflective and Impulsive Model, Dong-Heon Kwak, Jungwon Kuem, Jiao Wu, Shuyuan Deng and Mark Srite
A Foundational Perspective on Core Competency Requirements for Project Management Initiatives, Todd Little
When Size Does Matter: Identifying Multilevel Factors Contributing to IT Major Choice, Andy Luse, Julie Rursch and Doug Jacobson

IT adoption

Towards an Emancipatory Systems Approach for IT Adoption in Organizations, Osden Jokonya
Job Relevance and IT Usage by Child Welfare Professionals in Wisconsin Counties, Samantha Surowiec and Gaurav Bansal

Research methods in IS

Longitudinal Studies in Information Systems Research: Practices, Findings, and Gaps, Yi Guo and Barbara Klein
The Significance of Mixed Methods Research in Information Systems Research, Osden Jokonya

Social media use

Social media in the information seeking behavior of married Korean immigrant men, Tae Hee Lee
A Typology of Student Social Media Users: A Posting Behavior Perspective, Robert Miller and James Melton*
Benefits and Concerns of Using Social Media - Users’ Perspective, Hongjiang Xu